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PORTIMÃO, Portugal — After politely asking if I can switch my BMW M8 Competition Coupe to drift mode, the pit crew worker responds with a quick “No.” Come to think of it, choosing to send 617 horsepower to only the rear wheels on a damp racetrack with off-camber corners and blind crests does sound like
Filed under: Autoblog Minute,Videos,Original Video A self-balancing rideable ball. JYROBALL is powered by a 500w electric motor and has a top speed of 12 mph. It can carry up to 220 lbs and folds into a compact 10-inch ball. JYROBALL can fully charge in less than 3 hours, and has a max range of 15
NASA will begin by conducting ground tests on the Mod II to prepare for the project’s next phases, which will include taxi and, eventually, flight tests. It’s not entirely clear when those will take place, but the Mod III and IV configurations of the plane will have wings unlike the current iteration. When a flight

Junkyard Gem: 1986 Dodge Lancer Turbo

Chrysler’s versatile front-wheel-drive K Platform debuted for the 1981 model year, and all manner of sedan, minivan, sports coupe, pickup, wagon — in fact, the overwhelming majority of all Chrysler cars sold through well into the early 1990s — sprang forth from the K Family Tree. The 1985-1989 Lancer was the Dodge sibling of the Chrysler
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