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The Audi Q4 E-Tron Concept just dropped its curtain at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. It’s an electric Audi crossover, and it looks a bit like the production E-Tron. Close resemblance to a production car is no mistake, as Audi plans to turn this concept into a production car by the end of 2020. Audi
Volkswagen might be saying goodbye to the classic Bug, but it’s saying hello to the classic Buggy. After teasing the launch with design sketches last year, Volkswagen debuted the I.D. Buggy Concept at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show with an electric powertrain and the ability to convert from a rear-wheel-drive two-seater to an all-wheel-drive four-seater.
Transcript: Is the brush hero the best wheel brush ever? It’s powered by water pressure and connects to any standard garden hose. Powered by water, it provides the device with a steady torque and a powerful scrub. Brush hero is designed for maximum scrub and minimum splash. It can also be used on bikes, motorcycles,
Transcript: Gas guzzlers become electric vehicles. London Electric Cars will turn any car into an electric car. Including this beautiful 1953 Morris Minor Series 2. They salvage parts from the Nissan Leaf and use them to replace the combustion engine components from old cars. The goal is to make more people want to drive electric
Wall Street reacted nervously on Friday to Tesla Inc’s move to shut its network of high-end showrooms and launch a long-awaited cheaper version of its Model 3 sedan, as shares fell 8 percent and most analysts expressed concern over the company’s long-term margins. The arrival of the $35,000 Model 3 had been largely anticipated —