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LAS VEGAS — Sometimes life just isn’t fair. And neither is racing, it would seem. Following an eventful if short first free practice session in which Ferrari F1 driver Carlos Sainz hit a chunk of metal (and/or concrete that was surrounding the metal) that had become dislodged over a drain on the track surface in
Formula 1 is nothing if not a spectacle. And that would seem to suit Las Vegas perfectly, if not for some considerable teething problems. To say the very first practice session — free practice one or FP1 in racing speak — went off with a hitch wouldn’t quite be accurate. In fact, it went off
The 2025 Hyundai Ioniq 5 N just officially made its U.S. debut ahead of this year’s L.A. Auto Show, and while we practically know everything about it already from its reveal at Goodwood this year, there are a few U.S.-specific details worth sharing today. For one, a few specs are either revised or now available.
As promised, the 2025 Toyota Crown Signia expands the flagship model line beyond just a sedan. It promises much more practicality along with standard all-wheel drive. However, it’s not available with the Crown sedan’s top powertrain, and it finds itself in a tight niche among Toyota’s many SUVs. The Crown Signia arrives looking nearly identical
A new “Cybertruck Only” clause in Tesla’s purchase agreement stipulates that buyers cannot sell their new vehicle within the first year unless they have explicit permission from the automaker, or they may be sued. The company just updated its Motor Vehicle Order Agreement ahead of the first Cybertruck deliveries, which it said last month are