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While we get new and updated car models every year, its inevitable that we’ll need to say goodbye to some nameplates as well. This time around, it feels like we have confirmation or reports of an unusually large number of vehicles being discontinued in 2024 and the coming years.  We shouldn’t be surprised. A large
The 1965-1970 version of GM’s full-size B Platform was one of The General’s greatest successes, underpinning nearly 13 million cars. Each of the U.S.-market GM car divisions (except Cadillac) had their own B-Bodies during those model years, from the proletarian Chevrolet Biscayne on up to the opulent Buick Wildcat. Doing business just one small rung
For the 1994 Chicago Auto Show, Chrysler brought a Neon-based concept car that looked like something families would drive around the Mars Base in the year 2094. This was the Plymouth Expresso, and you’d never have guessed that the Plymouth Division itself would be terminated just seven years later while gazing at its whimsical shape.
BMW’s bread-and-butter model, the next-gen 2025 BMW X3, is officially out, and it’s a head-turner. Revealed in both X3 30xDrive and X3 M50 xDrive versions today, the new X3 has a revamped design both inside and out, heavily re-worked engines and a whole lot more tech onboard. Starting with yet another sure-to-be-controversial BMW design, the
Ford gave us an idea of what its Pikes Peak F-150 Lightning SuperTruck would look like a couple of weeks ago, but today we get photos of it in full race guise and all the jaw-dropping specs. You probably remember the SuperVan that Ford trotted all across the world in years past, but now we