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The Infiniti Q50 is pretty long in the tooth, but parent company Nissan is still trying to keep things interesting. In Japan it’s sold as the Nissan Skyline, and a new concept based on the luxury sedan converts it into a space you could actually live in.  The cumbersomely named Nissan Skyline Contemporary Lifestyle Vehicle
The interpretation of a few words of regulation by the U.S. Treasury Department could upend expectations for how tens of billions of dollars in new electric-vehicle tax incentives will be distributed, according to Bloomberg discussions with a dozen manufacturing executives, battery analysts and government officials.  At stake over the coming weeks is the extent to
If you’re familiar with Jessi Combs’ life, then you’re likely familiar with the term “the fastest woman alive,” as Combs posthumously earned the female land-speed record after a tragic accident in the Oregon desert in 2019. However, before Combs’ massive speed runs, Kitty O’Neil was setting records in the 1970s and was even outrunning the
After making a name for itself nearly a half-century ago, the Jeep Cherokee, which has endured off and on through a number of iterations, has been chopped from the lineup. But the name will live on. Sort of. What started life as a body-on-frame SUV in 1974 later morphed into the resilient XJ built from
As one would expect, the Bronco6G forum has been tracking the elusive quarry known as the Ford Bronco. Based on their reports, might be easier to score a jackalope than a truck this year. Last November, FoMoCo opened 2023 Bronco order banks for reservation holders who wouldn’t get their 2022 Broncos built. In January, the