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President Joe Biden is all in on a new plan to bring down gasoline costs. It turns out that the move is also likely to make the air dirtier. Biden is planning expanded sales of gasoline with a higher ethanol content than usual during the summer months. Most American fuel stations already carry gasoline mixed
The most-produced and arguably the most legendary Mercedes-Benz car of all time was the W123 proto-E-Class, with nearly three million manufactured during its 1976-1986 production run and many examples attaining spectacular odometer numbers. Naturally, the W123 could be purchased in wagon form, and these longroofs are worshiped by an adoring cult of Stuttgart aficionados. How
Twitter is trying to thwart billionaire Elon Musk’s takeover attempt with a “poison pill” — a financial device that companies have been wielding against unwelcome suitors for decades. What are poison pills supposed to do? The ingredients of each poison pill vary, but they’re all designed to give corporate boards an option to flood the
The Lexus RZ 450e isn’t supposed to debut until April 20, but some screenshots from Japan may have revealed the production EV’s look. Unsurprisingly, they look pretty close to the official concept images we’ve seen before. In some ways toned down for production, in other ways amped up. The images appear to have been leaked
NEW YORK — Last year, Genesis wowed us and the rest of the car world with the drop-dead gorgeous X concept. It was a long, wide and seriously slinky coupe that had us begging for a production model. Genesis hasn’t given us one yet, but it’s clearly still toying with this big coupe idea, as