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Long-time fans of Porsche, particularly its motorsports history, are in for a treat at this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans. The company took two of its 911 RSR race cars and gave each of them a famous color scheme from the past. The designs are part of the company’s 70th anniversary celebration. The first

Texas reinstates EV incentive program

Back in 2013, Texas began offering its own incentives for electric vehicles. That program ended in 2015. Last year, we heard that the state would reinstate the incentives. Now, those incentives are live, according to Dallas News. Battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and fuel cell vehicles are eligible for $2,500 rebates, in addition to any
Heavy discounts of up to $16,000 per vehicle are fueling a “truck war” among full-size pickups sold in the United States by the Detroit Three, a Reuters analysis shows. Strong U.S. sales this year of the highly profitable big trucks have helped offset lagging passenger car sales. But it is not clear how much of
Apple Maps is terrible. If you disagree, you probably work for Apple. Unfortunately, if you wanted navigation directions sent from your iPhone to your car’s Apple CarPlay interface, the only option was Apple Maps. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. The other, vastly more popular option was to use Google Maps or Waze, and then place
MIRAMAS, France – The sun is warm, the breezes are cool, and the road is winding. All is well in the south of France, particularly when driving the 2019 BMW Z4 prototype – a new roadster coming to market in spite of the public’s seemingly insatiable appetite for lumbering crossovers and coupe-ified hardtops. It’s safe